Mite / 8U Full Ice Tournament

The Flex Hockey Mite/8U Tournament is held on a non-school weekday in the winter of 2023. Players will get the opportunity to get out of the house and onto the ice, having fun.

Mites/8U's have limited full-ice games with association hockey, so the Flex Hockey Mite / 8U tournament is full-ice. Players will get to experience the rules and atmosphere of a real game.

Teams will be split evenly with upper and lower-level mites to ensure fair and fun play.

Overall, this will be a day of fun and excitement. However, the focus will be on team fun versus winning and losing.

We hope your player can join us for a day; they will not stop talking about it.



Players must be on a Mite / 8U team for their home association during the 2023 to 2024 season.

When and Where

Andover Community Center

8 am to Mid-Afternoon

Mite / 8U Full Ice Tournement

Monday, Dec 4th, 2023

Registration for this program will be open in September of 2023

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